130210 – favoriete lijnen uit muziekteksten 5de en 6de jaar

liefdeMy dear

Lots of times I’m so insecure and question myself, ”Can I trust my own heart, or am I just part of some big plan?” Sometimes I feel like I’m bleeding, but at least then I’m sure to be alive. I hope you don’t consider me to be a monster, I’m only a man, living and crying under my skin. Hence this letter: Let’s leave no words unspoken.

I know what I did and what I have to do. Pieces of memories fall to the ground but I won’t let you go cause it’s true, I’m nothing without you. And if you listen very hard to what’s written with my heart, the truth will come to you at last. If you think I’m always fine it just ain’t true. I really need you in my life, no matter what I have to do, I’ll always be there for you.

But what are words? What are they if you don’t really mean them while spoken? What are words if they’re only for good times? Cause sometimes life’s a piece of shit (please pardon my language) when you look at it. You’ll see it’s all a show in which we play our part as teenage clowns in a teenage circus. I don’t want to hold you under my thumb, I’ll always let you breathe. Let this be a lesson learnt.

I want to share my life with you in this sweet surrender. I don’t want you to be my angel, just be the one I love. Please give these lines a thought and make me live!



My dear

Let our love always be special. Let’s be heroes just for one day. Too often I’ve felt deserted, when the friends I thought I had suddenly weren’t around when I fell heavy to the ground. Nobody said it would be easy, but I need to believe in love right now. Let’s forever trust in who we are and nothing else matters.

Therefore I wanted to write a classic letter to show you the inside of my heart, cause every time I tried to tell you the words just came out wrong, so I had to say I love you in a song. I know I’m not going to live forever and I just want to live when I’m alive. Although I’m young, I’m sure about one thing, ”We have to take it now.”

You know what experts are telling you? Be patient, take it slow, you are far too young, there’s a lot you have to go through. But experts are fools and there is one little thing I need to get off my chest: I don’t ever want to lose that loving feeling and I want my tenderness to be true. By doing so I will never have to say:” Only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know your love, when you let her go.”

For you are the love of my life and even if you wanted to build a wall so high, that no one could ever climb, I would be the one to say, ” At least, I’ve tried.”



My dear

There was no other way. I had to leave. But remember this. Once my hands were strong, but my knees far too weak to stand in your arms without falling to your feet. Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair. All this time I tried to figure out what it takes to live on your cloud. But there’s no time to complicate cause our time is short.

If only I could have been your superman. But I can only write you this letter while my body shakes and still yearns for your kiss. I want you to listen to my thoughts in every line. I was praying that you and I might end up together but one of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat. One of these days the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing.

And when I’m gone, just carry on. Don’t mourn but rejoice every time you think of my voice. Cause they’ll never find a cure for love. I once thought your hand fits in mine, like it was just made for me. And although you can’t see me, I want you to take my hand one last time. We’ll meet again, surely, because life is made of circles without a beginning, without an end.

I’ll walk this lonely road, the only one that I’ve ever known. Just one more good advice. My love, don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Oh, just wake up and live!



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